This Old Mom - Why Am I Brown?

Why Am I Brown?

Posted: May 6, 2015

She finally asked. I should have known it was coming due to currently being entrenched in the ‘why’ phase. Becky showed up with her one-month-old baby girl Eleanor and her two-year-old son Felix, who is having difficulty sharing his Momma (and her boobs), with an interloper/new little sister. It’s a win-win afternoon all around. I get my baby cuddle fix, volunteering to hold (and smell)…

This Old Mom - Race Relations

Race Relations: Our Transracial family

Posted: February 5, 2015

As an Irish Catholic-German Jew hybrid,  I’m so pale some parts of me are as see through as a Vietnamese Spring Roll.  I don’t burn, I blister.  I’ve elevated avoiding the sun to an artisanal craft, worthy of a weekend workshop. My husband (also a whitey-mcwhite) and I are the ecstatic parents of our black daughter.  And our use of the word ‘black’ to describe…